What it means to be Successful.

Ok so I know in a lot of today’s industry and social traffic lifestyle, we seem to put a label on success. As a man that has seen and lost this label of “success” in society I have come to the conclusion that for me to feel successful isn’t having a paying job or making a huge check on payday. For myself its about what can I do to keep busy while making things easier on my family. In life I think we forget that a home that is always inviting is the best place for family. Weather your married just your spouse and itself or a family with children or grandchildren. Its still a contribution to provide a restful and peaceful atmosphere in the home. To make sure your family feels like they have a safe refuge from the stress of everyday life or bullies and taunts from classmates. Yes income is great but what about the relaxation away from all that?
  Is the era of a happy and peacefully inviting home slowly disappearing from the priority’s of society today? Do we really feel like money is all that matters even at the expense of peaceful neutrality in the home. I for one believe to give my family the strength to push forward I should do all I can to help make them prepared to face each day with a positive attitude and go get’em attitude.  Understand that society says today is all that matters in hope for a better tomorrow. Well if today ur ability to fight for a happier future dies. And when u get home u have no encouragement to keep trying and ability to shake off the criticism, do u really feel u or the family u so love will be able to keep there heads up in the race of economic accomplishment? At what point dose someone in the household say” My family needs to feel they raking a difference.” And actually do something about it? We as Men are taught to be providers . Well isn’t it still providing to lift up your family instead of just providing cash income? As a society dose a peaceful encouraging home mean absolutely nothing? What do u think are the most Important roles for the members of ur family to fulfill ? What do u need to change to make your home a place of recharging persistance… If u don’t think u need it try looking at u or ur family’s attitude towards each day over a week or two , without a positive word or hopeful activity . What will it take to see the importance of a happy home…


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